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Remix EP - Inc. Andres & COEO Remixes

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Here comes a fat Toy Tonics remix package of THAT Kapote & Kosmo Klint tune we had in a few weeks ago. First up is COEO's house tweak which retains all that lush dreamy soulful vox delivered by Kosmo and adds swung house beats that give it a real old school US flavour. Almost complimenting the David Morales mix that was on the original 12". Their garage mix is a totally different affair, bringing things straight back to the UK with a sub-tickling b-line, elbows-out beats and glistening synth work giving it a real modern sheen.

Then its over to Detroit for Andres, who seems to be in quite the purple patch at present. Giving the groove that trademark MPC skip, and playing around with the arrangement to give it a totally different twist. So very Andres, so very good!

Finally, we get a handy instrumental version; which really lets the musicality of this modern house classic shine through. Silky smooth, with warming chords and spine-tingling strings; it's one of those mid-session burners that should unite everyone on the floor under wide-smiles and lashings of love. Another stonkingly good release from one of the label's of the year. Recommended! 


Matt says: Just when you think I was out done, they pull me back in. It's been one hell of a year for Toytonics and just when I thought they were done for the year, they go and drop this absolute beast of a remix EP on us! One of the strongest imprints of 2022 folks - get to know!


A1 Strangers (Coeo House Mix)
A2 Strangers (Coeo Garage Mix)
B1 Misbehave (Andres Remix Extended)
B2 Strangers (Instrumental)

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