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Chicago Bee

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Crazy good conceptual experiment from the excellent Chicago Bee. All the artists on this album were asked to imagine fusing acid and house with the “Virtualsex” LP which was released on Buzz in 1993. A 303 sound would be welcomed but not essential with an emphasis on soulful emotion and melody.

I have to say everyone's done a sterling job, and it avoid the many pitfalls of modern acid by being rather quite musical and varied. There's slow numbers, serene pieces, star-gazing IDM and, of course, rawkus nagging acid! It's a real good snapshot of the 303 wielders of today working towards a common goal yet each imposing their own individuality onto the compilation. 


A1. Postelektrik - SW1
A2. Derek Carr - No Surrender
B1. Type 303 - Stairway To Jupiter
B2. Monofonix - Omega
B3. Ivan Golac - Floated
C1. Iron Blu - Valtra
C2. Fear-E - Haven’t You Heard
C3. Forgotten Corne, Maen Land
D1. INFO - Dreams Of Andromeda
D2. A-Eno-Acid - Greek Town Casino

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