Il Volo

Image of Capinera - Il Volo
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Serie Pegaso

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Periodica sublabel Serie Pegaso usher in some more foreign funk and poolside pleasure with this latest 7" from Capinera. "Il Volo" leads the A-side with a seriously laid back, lilting reggae groove. Warm keyboard chords & a yearning Italian vocal take control while tasteful strings and lead lines converge during the chorus sections, followed by a killer saxophone solo and timpani-filled bridge section. There's a rich anthemic quality that lends itself to end-of-night or even after hours decadence.

"Suonno" is much more upbeat and flamboyant, hiding none of its frivolities as it pounces on a disco groove and delivers another strong Italian vocal performance. Squelchy leads, bright guitar chops - it's a daytime disco bonanza! If you dug Nu Genea and Mystic Jungle then this my friends is the adult party disc you require! 100% recommended! 


Matt says: New offshoot from the crew that brought you that incredible Mystic Jungle project. A treasure of a 7" with two tracks that'll have you prancing around the sun lounger doing a silly dad dance in no time. The artwork is splendid to boot. A highly pleasurable 7" experience...


Side 1
1. Il Volo 
Side 2
1. Suonno 

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