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Tom Ze - 2022 Reissue

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Tres Selos

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Reissued for the first time outside of Brazil, this is Tom Zé's first LP on Continental Label and the press release warned: “1972 marks the beginning of a new phase in Tom Zé’s career. He decided to move into simpler forms of writing and released an album that is a result of that”.

Tom Zé is considered the most "paulista" of all Tropicalistas. He came from Bahia, but his wry urban poetry, infused with the uncomfortable sounds of the largest metropolis of South America, is pure São Paulo.

This reissue includes unseen photos, new testimonials from Tom Ze´ himself and a lengthy article signed by Bento Araujo, author of the book series Lindo Sonho Delirante.

After a few “strategic mistakes” in his career, Tom Zé found a new home at Continental label. It was there that he made four albums for the remaining 1970s, beginning with this one. When this LP was released, in 1972, Tom Zé had a relentless interest in the unexplored, in the experiments, and in the unusual. These songs revealed a more mature Tom Zé, addressing social issues, outdated concepts, false traditions, and the hypocrisy from Brazil’s military government.


A1. Happy End
A2. Fre^vo (Pecadinho)
A3. A Baba´
A4. Menina, Amanha~ De Manha~ (O Sonho Voltou)
A5. Dor E Dor
A6. Senhor Cidada~o
B1. A Briga Do Edifi´cio Ita´lia Com O Hilton Hotel
B2. O Anfitria~o
B3. O Abacaxi De Irara´
B4. O Sa^ndalo
B5. Se O Caso E´ Chorar
B6. Sonho Colorido De Um Pintor

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