Jon Savage & Stuart Baker

Punk 45: The Singles Cover Art Of Punk 1976-80

Image of Jon Savage & Stuart Baker - Punk 45: The Singles Cover Art Of Punk 1976-80
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Soul Jazz Records

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Brand new edition of Soul Jazz Records’ massive deluxe 400-page‘Punk 45’ cover art book, edited and compiled by Jon Savage (authorof the seminal book on punk, ‘England’s Dreaming’) and Stuart Baker(founder of Soul Jazz Records). This new edition comes with a new introduction from BobbieGillespie, founder of Primal Scream (who has recently also publishedhis memoirs, ‘Tenement Kid’). Contributors include Peter Saville, Richard Hell, Richard H Kirk,Seymour Stein, Geoff Travis, Martin Moscrop, Glenn Branca, JamieReid, Dave Robinson, Roger Armstrong, Martin Mills, Gee Vaucher,Savage Pencil, Dennis Morris and more.

This book is a revelatory guide to hundreds and hundreds of original7” record cover sleeve designs - visual artefacts found at the heart ofthe most radical and anarchistic musical movement of the 20thCentury.

As well as the encyclopaedic visual imagery featured inside, the bookalso includes interviews with a number of significant figures in punkmusic: artists and groups, including Richard Hell, Martin Moscrop (ACertain Ratio), Richard H Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire), Glenn Branca andDavid Thomas (Pere Ubu); record label owners including SeymourStein (Sire Records), Geoff Travis (Rough Trade), Roger Armstrong(Chiswick), Martin Mills (Beggars Banquet), Dave Robinson (StiffRecords), David Brown (Dangerhouse); and the celebrated designersinvolved in creating punk’s original iconic imagery - Peter Saville(Factory Records), Jamie Reid (Sex Pistols), Gee Vaucher (CrassRecords) and Dennis Morris (Public Image Limited).

The revolutionary do-it-yourself ethic of punk was applied to theaesthetic of design as much as it was to music, and record sleevesacted as lo-fi signifiers of anarchy, style, fashion, politics and morewith an urban and suburban invective courtesy of the 1000s of newbands - punk, post-punk, pre-punk, nearly-punk and more - thatemerged at the end of the 1970s. This book is an exhaustive, thorough and exciting celebration of thestunning artwork of punk music - everything from the most celebratedand iconic designs through to the stark beauty of the cheapest do-ityourself lo-fi obscurities.

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