Josephine Foster

There Are Eyes Above - 2022 Reissue

Image of Josephine Foster - There Are Eyes Above - 2022 Reissue
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Fire Records

About this item

Josephine Foster's peculiar 2000 home recorded debut There Are Eyes Above is an essential introduction to her music that’s unfolded now for over two decades. Released for the first time on vinyl, this limited edition 10-inch pressing comes packaged with brand new artwork and is adorned by one of Josephine’s illustrations.

Lo-fi and unaffected by tradition or commercialism these initial recordings are sepia-tinted, folk-art music with powered by uke minimalism; it’s outsider music that still doesn't fit in.

Just 30-minutes caught in time before her 2001 follow up Little Life - this humble first incarnation includes here for posterity super personal lullabies and a glimpse into her songwriting evolution. It’s music from an era that only exists in your mind, with a bow to Tin Pan Alley for good measure.

This super rare collection, originally only released on CDR and sold at shows, remains an essential part of the curious oeuvre of this unique songwriter and singer.

“A dissonant soprano and lyrics about benevolence and old-time faith, Foster expertly weaves ancient and modern” The Guardian.


Side A
One Hundred Songs I Sing
Emily Told Me
Teeter Totter
Little Life
I Am A Guest In Here
Side B
Robber Song
Hey Matthew
There Are Eyes Above
Yippee I'm Leaving
Two Not One

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