Ólta Karawane

Deep Cover #6

Image of Ólta Karawane - Deep Cover #6
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Deep Cover

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New Deep Cover! Ólta Karawane ventures beyond borders once again, luring a pair of perfect peaches from the hands of two welcome wanderers who have strayed far from their homeland... Imagination is knee-deep at this, the dream station, though our companions in dub are around the corner.

Deep Cover's infrequent but mythical forays into the cosmic undergrowth continue to beguile and mystify! Join the cult.. 


Matt says: The cult collected, highly eclectic imprint turn their spotlight onto Cosa Rosa's 1983 German masterpiece. Whilst we also get an un-ID'd squishy, Molusc-dance number that's had us pulling funny shapes all afternoon. As always, something different from this illusive camp.


A. Galocher
B. In Freunde Mit Dub

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