Broken Bells

Into The Blue

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30th Century / Aural Aopthecary

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Danger Mouse heads down a completely different musical path to his brilliant “Cheat Codes” LP, on this latest collaboration with The Shins’ James Mercer. Broken Bells combines the pair's greatest strengths. Mercer's gift for indelible, slightly spooky melodies and Burton's atmospheric productions complement each other perfectly.

The album opener and title track “Into The Blue” is a slow burner full of swirling psychedelic keys. On “We’re Not In Orbit Yet” Mercer’s vocals glide gently over a melodic, string infused backdrop. “Invisible Exit” is a more stripped back affair with Mercers vocals and acoustic guitar to the fore. “Love On The Run” has a lush horn infused Yacht Rock vibe, that dissolves into a proggy guitar workout / fadeout.

There’s a mood change at the start of side B with the 80s synth pop of “One Night”, before the chugging pop of “Saturdays”. With it’s soaring chorus it’s the most ‘Broken Bells’ track on the LP and an obvious single. “Forgotten Boy” is an understated gem and “The Chase” manages to combine melancholy and drama beautifully before drifting into album closer “Fade Away”.


Laura says: The meandering instrumentation has all the Danger Mouse hallmarks: stuttering drum beats, string swells and lush keys. At times proggy, at others cinematic, there’s a kind of majestic feel throughout that provides the perfect backdrop for Mercer’s melodic, melancholic vocals.


1. Into The Blue
2. We're Not In Orbit Yet…
3. Invisible Exit
4. Love On The Run

1. One Night
2. Saturdays
3. Forgotten Boy
4. The Chase
5. Fade Away

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