Brandy Beach EP

Image of Kayroy - Brandy Beach EP
Record Label
Whiskey Disco

About this item

Whiskey Disco returns with another brilliant EP by Australian producer Kayroy, known for creating new intersections between edits, reworks, and originals that the label is known for.

A driving, tension-heavy original A-side reminiscent of early Sound Stream, complimented by two wonderfully selected reworks - a smartly tightened up beautiful instrumental gem originally by Japanese guitarist & composer, Shigeru Suzuki, and an almost necessary revision of euro-disco genius Alec Costandinos’s opus "Romeo & Juliet".

A wide ranging and fantastic record all around.


Matt says: Whiskey Disco are one of the most reliable and longest running edits labels I can remember. You might dip out for a few releases but then they come back with this - an absolute belter of a three track that defies identification and categorization and is strictly melon-twisting cosmic disco fun.


A1. Shark Infested
B1. Brandy Beach
B2. Starcrossed

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