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Issue 462 - August 2022

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Saul Williams: The US poet, vocalist and actor has long set the power of language against colonialism. Now he pours this audiovisual experience into cinema with the Afrofuturist epic Neptune Frost. By Neil Kulkarni

Laura Cannell: The rich possibilities of medieval and early music provide the impetus for the UK instrumentalist’s prolific output. By Louise Gray

Alan Skidmore: Taking in encounters with Elvin Jones, Art Blakey and Sonny Rollins, the lifelong career of the UK tenor saxophonist reads like a fever dream of hanging with the international jazz set. By Daniel Spicer

Invisible Jukebox: Bob Mould: Will The Wire’s mystery record selection push the influential US guitarist and songwriter beyond the threshold? Tested by Rob Turner

Unlimited Editions: Cortizona

Unofficial Channels: Rāga Junglism

Cheri Knight: The rediscovered US composer sings the body electric. By Claire Biddles

Joe Rainey: Ojibwe vocalist locates pow wow factor. By Joshua Minsoo Kim

Anna Butterss: Los Angeles shapes the Australian bassist’s improvisations. By Abi Bliss

Michael Gregory Jackson: 40 years of six-string adventure with the US guitarist. By George Grella

Global Ear: Gothenberg: Free folk ensemble Enhet För Fri Musik serve as focal point for the city’s underground music scene. By Michael Lawson

The Inner Sleeve: Éliane Radigue on Adrien Mauduit’s Night Sky In Vicuña, Chile, 2019

Epiphanies: In Lagos a phone call kicks off Emeka Ogboh’s trail of anthropological discovery.

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