The Groundhogs

Hogwash - Reissue

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Fire Records

About this item

Packaged in tri-fold sleeve that replicates the original 1971 release and featuring an extra disc of live BBC recordings from the same era. 50-year anniversary vinyl release of the original power trio’s second incarnation, now expanded with BBC In Concert versions of the album’s key tracks. An epic milestone and key prog rock definer, fusing their blues rock roots and their finely honed electric sound of the early ‘70s. This limited release replicated the original 1971 packaging, with a tri-fold sleeve, an absolute essential for fans of this seminal act


1 I Love Miss Ogyny
2 You Had A Lesson
3 The Ringmaster
4 3744 James Road
5 Sad Is The Hunter
6 S'one Song
7 Earth Shanty
8 Mr. Hooker Sir John
9 Sad Is The Hunter (BBC In Concert, 7th December 1972)
10 I Love Miss Ogyny (BBC In Concert, 7th December 1972)
11 You Had A Lesson (BBC In Concert, 7th December 1972)
12 Earth Shanty (BBC In Concert, 7th December 1972)
13 3744 James Road (BBC In Concert, 7th December 1972)

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