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Who is Magou? All we know is that, 2 years ago, Toy Tonics released a 12” EP that created a little buzz on this artist without a face and social media presence. The only clue is that Magou is allegedly a mysterious side-project by an otherwise well-known Italian music maker, producer and DJ. Now returning with a double album, Magou reinforces his modern disco credentials with eight highly enjoyable dancefloor offerings.

Delivered with sophistication and authenticity, there's certainly that Italian playfulness; effortlessly mixing fun and flair with a rich musicality that places it far in front of most of its contemporaries. There's some truly Cosmic club moments ("Eco", "Borges"), wrapped up in Magou's rubbery 303 lines; proto-house / disco-not-disco hybrids such as "Heather's Body" and some truly mesmerizing movements of Balearic-tinged sensibility such is as heard on "Dejarte".

Deliciously infectious throughout; there's a stylistic quality holding the whole album together; if you've enjoyed Beppe Loda and Danielle Baldelli’s DJ sets then Magou seems to touch on all the four corners of these esteemed DJ's musical tastes. A tour de force of Italian supremacy! Get involved! 


Matt says: This came outta nowhere! Ultra sexy new disco, modern boogie and cosmic styles delivered with panache and credibility and released via the impeccable Toytonics. You know what to do!


Round Round
Pas Jolie
Heather's Body 
Sample Dream

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