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A Crushing Glow Volume 2 - Compiled By Matt Sewell

Image of Various Artists - A Crushing Glow Volume 2 - Compiled By Matt SewellImage of Various Artists - A Crushing Glow Volume 2 - Compiled By Matt SewellImage of Various Artists - A Crushing Glow Volume 2 - Compiled By Matt Sewell
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Celebrated UK illustrator & discerning musical globetrotter Matt Sewell has curated & beautifully illustrated this second musical volume. 14 Tracks which take us on an alchemic & singular cosmic journey through sound & vision!

Obscure pastoral 60s psyche opens proceedings via Philamore Lincoln and Alameda, the perfect tracks for lying in meadows looking up at blue skies whilst tripping on LSD. Juggy D quickly injects some Punjabi rainbows into the mix; accentuating our trip and taking our minds across the globe before esteemed ambient guitarist Mark McGuire deploys a perfectly timed bliss-out for the first part of our journey.

Side B sees the first forays into electronic rhythms, Manchester hero Ruf Dug getting all 4:20 with the stoned grooves of "Elephant Skank". Four Trees continue the electronic revelry with an out-there piece of kraut sequences supplemented by live drums. Then it's the turn of downbeat legends Prefuse 73 to stimulate us with highly advanced synthesis, glitches and mellifluous songwriting. The sequencing and curation by Matt already perfectly highlighted across this first disc.

More spiritual Indian vibes return on disc 2: the Ganesh-inspired, Sitar-accompanied hymn "Devinamam" by Amme Bhaghavathi-Devalakshmi alligning our chakras in time and taking us ever closer to Samadhi. Again, the symbiosis of human and machine is celebrated, with Farbror Resande Mac becoming one with his synthesizers on "Monoverse" before Allesandro Allesandroni provides a brief but captivating interlude of plucked devine sensuality via their track "Aliante Giallo". Broadcast's "Echo's Answer" is a deeply personal lullaby that whisper into our ears the closure of side C.

David Darling channels African township vocals on "Pis Lai" - mixing the melancholic with the uplifting in ways that only tribes from the Great Continent seem to muster. Bruice Langhorne sends out signals from the lighthouse, slowly pulling us out of our psychedelic revelry as penultimate track "Ending" signifies; before Phil France gently caresses our ears into a post-peak-experience slumber; the trip complete; we're both mentally rejuvenated yet physically tired. A good sleep on the cards with New Beginnings that follow.

A truly healing and transportive compilation, incredibly well sequenced and the ultimate companion for astral travelling. You won't want to get up and flip the records over! Highly recommended.


Side A:
1 Philamore Lincoln - Plains Of Delight
2 Laurel - Alameda
3 Akheer-Juggy D
4 Mark McGuire - In Search Of The Miraculous
Side B
1 Ruf Dug-Elephant Skank
2 Four Trees-Telemetry
3 Prefuse 73-It Never Entered
Side C
1 Amme Bhaghavathi-Devalakshmi - Devinamam
2 Monoverse-Farbror Resande Mac
3 Allesandro Allesandroni-Aliante Giallo
4 Broadcast-Echo's Answer
Side D
1 David Darling-Pis Lai
2 Bruce Langhorne-Ending
3 Phil France-Phil France 

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