Jane Weaver

Sunset Dreams EP

Image of Jane Weaver - Sunset Dreams EPImage of Jane Weaver - Sunset Dreams EP
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Record Label
Fire Records

About this item

A brand new six-track EP elevating the acclaimed Jane Weaver album, ‘Flock’, to a new esoteric panorama of pop. ‘Sunset Dreams’ features two unreleased tracks from the ‘Flock’ sessions and remixes from W.H. Lung and See Thru Hands.

“Having earned a cult audience for her psychedelia, Weaver makes her version of a pop record, where Kylie-level hooks are set against hallucinatory backings.” - The Guardian.

Featuring the stand-out ‘Sunset Dreams’ in its original breath-taking form. Plus an extended remix of ‘Solarised’, along with northern combo W.H. Lung’s remix of the track.

“Ominous and luminous, expansively spacious and sonically imploding, scientific, ephemeral and eternal.” - The Quietus.

Furthering the eclectic electronic vibe, there’s also a See Thru Hands mix of ‘The Revolution Of Super Visions’ and two new tracks; ‘The Lexical Distance’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong’, all capturing the pop vision of this ever-morphing electronic pioneer.

“The high priestess of eccentric exploration Jane Weaver goes pop with superlative results.” - The Line Of Best Fit.

The ‘Sunset Dreams’ EP continues the journey.


Side A
A1. Sunset Dreams
A2. Solarised (Extended Rework)
A3. The Lexical Distance
Side B
B1. The Revolution Of Supervisions (See Thru Hands Remix)
B2. Solarised (W.H Lung Remix)
B3. Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong

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