Action Bronson

Cocodrillo Turbo

Image of Action Bronson - Cocodrillo TurboImage of Action Bronson - Cocodrillo Turbo
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Record Label
Loma Vista Recordings

About this item

Like all great competitive warriors, Action Bronson uses every perceived slight as fuel to be even better. The rare rapper to marry critical acclaim with a devoted, rabid following, Action Bronson isn’t anyone’s idea of an underdog. And yet, on his brilliant new album, Cocodrillo Turbo, he sets out to prove that his lingual versatility is stronger than it’s ever been, that age has only made him a better rapper, and that anyone still sleeping on him as one of the best MCs on the planet better wake the hell up.

“I don't feel like I'm given the fucking respect that I deserve,” Bronson explains. Cocodrillo Turbo is Bronson demanding that respect. He’s gotten in the reps, constantly refining his poetic flow and relying on the instincts he’s cultivated with over a decade in the game under his belt. Now, sit back and enjoy the show.


1. Hound Dog
2. Tongpo
3. Estaciones
4. Jaws
5. Subzero
6. Turkish
7. Jaguar
8. Zambezi
9. Ninety One
10. Storm Of The Century

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