Telepathic Radio

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Cardinal Fuzz

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Cardinal Fuzz and Centripetal Force Records are blasted to bring forth the totally wild psychedelia that is Mirage - Telepathic Radio. In a day and age when too much that is tagged as psychedelia feels more like AOR - here is some true wild abadon for your ears and mind.

44 minutes of nonstop sacred sounds painting an ancient world from the future using synthesizers, percussion, and fuzzed out wah guitars can be heard in Joe Freedman (of Banshee)‘s new psychedelic solo sonic voyage he has gathered from the furthest heights of his mind to the lowest depths of mankind and beyond. This tape echoes the kosmiche music of Cluster & Ash Ra Tempel, the beautiful synthesized landscapes of Plantasia, and the fuzzed out guitars of the 70s hippie cult underground, all while creating a new yet to be heard sound.

He made these recordings on a Tascam 4-track while living in 29 palms, CA in 2020 and was informed in part by a near death experience in the grand canyon, traveling through the lesser seen parts of the desert by minibike, and building and skating a miniramp in his backyard during the recording process. When I asked him if I could release it he said, "it's all crap." But crap makes the flowers grow.

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