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Best Of Boo Williams

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Boo Moonman

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Phwoooooar! We love a bit 'o Boo here at Piccadilly Records so imagine our excitement when news dropped of this fully packed, 10 track album spanning the legendary Chicago producer's early works on Relief, Moods & Grooves, Diaspora and Farris Wheel.

No-one quite swings it like Boo Williams, his hi-hat patterns set to hypnotize you into a rolling groove as angelic choirs, pads, celestial stabs and cheeky giggles encompass you in a loving groove that's all his own. Few have mastered the art of house music like Boo and it's because of this the producer's enjoyed such a long as well respected career.

A undeniably strong collection of some of the artist's most loved works including a beatless version "Home Town Chicago", "Smoking Acid" - a track so swung you'll most likely tumble into the speaker stacks and my personal late night favourite, "Piano Trance". 


Side 1
1. Classic Fingers
2. Feeling Good
Side 2
1. Cyber Trans
2. Tickle Me
Side 3
1. Pleasant Dreams
2. Piano Trance
3. Midnight Trance
Side 4
1. Flashback
2. Smokin Acid
3. Home Town Chicago (Outro)

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