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11 years after their acrimonious split, Pixies returned for an acclaimed sold-out reunion tour. ‘Live In Brixton’ brings together the complete recordings of all four shows from Pixies’ legendary run at the iconic London venue.

Available on vinyl for the very first time, each show is pressed on two heavyweight 180g vinyl and housed in a wide spine sleeve with printed inner bags. 

This special edition version is pressed on clear vinyl with coloured splatters and is exclusive to indie retailers. 

Each show has been newly mastered for this release by Phil Kinrade at Alchemy Mastering at AIR 

Includes a 24-page booklet featuring photographs and new artwork, plus memories and paraphernalia from fans who attended the Brixton gigs 

Also includes a 68cm x 48cm fold-out poster featuring the new ‘Live In Brixton’ boxset artwork 

All housed within a deluxe slipcase box featuring silver foil detailing


Barry says: If there's one thing I don't need to tell you about the Pixies live in Brixton, it's that it features the Pixies, playing live in Brixton. What I could tell you is that it sounds great, and is a stunning looking vinyl box or an 8Cd (!?) boxset.. and has all those Pixies tunes on it that are brilliant, but more live than on the records. It's THE PIXIES, LIVE and it's obviously brilliant.


June 2nd, 2004
LP 1 And 2
Side A
1. Winterlong
2. Nimrod's Son
3. The Holiday Song
4. Here Comes Your Man
5. Vamos
Side B
1. In Heaven
2. Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)
3. I Bleed
4. Monkey Gone To Heaven
5. Bone Machine
6. Velouria
7. Dead
Side C
1. No. 13 Baby
2. Subbacultcha
3. Gouge Away
4. Caribou
5. Hey
6. Cactus
7. River Euphrates
Side D
1. Debaser
2. Broken Face
3. Something Against You
4. Tame
5. Gigantic
6. Wave Of Mutilation
7. Into The White

June 3rd, 2004
LP 3 And 4
Side A
1. La La Love You
2. Ed Is Dead
3. Here Comes Your Man
4. Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)
5. Crackity Jones
6. Isla De Encanta
7. Something Against You
8. Broken Face
9. Mr. Grieves
Side B
1. Hey
2. Is She Weird
3. Gouge Away
4. Tame
5. Debaser
6. Bone Machine
7. Levitate Me
8. Monkey Gone To Heaven
Side C
1. Velouria
2. I Bleed
3. Gigantic
4. Nimrod's Son
5. Vamos
6. Where Is My Mind?
Side D
1. U-Mass
2. Wave Of Mutilation
3. No. 13 Baby
4. Caribou
5. Cactus
6. Into The White

June 4th, 2004
LP 5 And 6
Side A
1. Bone Machine
2. Crackity Jones
3. River Euphrates
4. Wave Of Mutilation
5. Monkey Gone To Heaven
6. I Bleed
7. Caribou
8. Cactus
Side B
1. Broken Face
2. Something Against You
3. Isla De Encanta
4. Hey
5. No. 13 Baby
6. Dead
7. U-Mass
8. Gigantic
Side C
1. Velouria
2. Ed Is Dead
3. In Heaven
4. Where Is My Mind?
5. Mr. Grieves
6. Here Comes Your Man
7. The Holiday Song
Side D
1. Vamos
2. Into The White
3. Gouge Away
4. Debaser
5. Tame
6. Planet Of Sound

June 5th, 2004
LP 7 And 8
Side A
1. Head On
2. U-Mass
3. Monkey Gone To Heaven
4. Cactus
5. Caribou
6. No. 13 Baby
7. Broken Face
8. Crackity Jones
Side B
1. Isla De Encanta
2. Something Against You
3. Hey
4. Mr. Grieves
5. I Bleed
6. Velouria
7. Dead
Side C
1. Gouge Away
2. Tame
3. Gigantic
4. River Euphrates
5. Debaser
6. Wave Of Mutilation
7. In Heaven
8. Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf)
Side D
1. Where Is My Mind?
2. Blown Away
3. Here Comes Your Man
4. The Holiday Song
5. Vamos

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