The Rills

Skint Eastwood

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Nice Swan

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Raucous and whip-smart in equal measure, ‘Skint Eastwood’ tells the story of local outcasts, distant in their family lives and chastised by their communities.

“Skint Eastwood is a Lincoln loner. He’s a BMX bandit who lurks the streets for affection, be it by begging, stealing or borrowing” explains frontman Mitch Spencer. “Suburban life gives way to people like Skint Eastwood, kids with nothing but the change in their pockets and the rucksack on their backs - cycling into oblivion as much as they are crying out for help. There’s something familiar about that old cowboy cliche; a hard exterior crossed with a soft and vulnerable interior is easily used to describe the lost boys and girls of our generation.”

Armed with a forthcoming debut EP full of biting, streamlined indie - all taught, propulsive rhythms and witty, acerbic vocals - the omnipresent backbone of small-town living lies front and center in everything that The Rills create, coupled with the driving ambition to make something bigger of themselves that rings in every cutthroat riff.

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