Nothing Is Wrong -10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

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In 2011 Dawes released their highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Nothing Is Wrong’.

Produced and mixed by Jonathan Wilson, ‘Nothing Is Wrong’ built on the band’s sun-drenched, Laurel Canyon sound with rock solid songwriting and beautiful Crosby, Stills and Nashstyle harmonies.

The album was met with near universal critical-acclaim and catapulted the band’s career. With ‘Nothing Is Wrong’, Dawes staked their flag


‘Nothing Is Wrong’
Time Spent In Los Angeles
If I Wanted Someone
My Way Back Home
Coming Back To A Man
So Well
How Far We’ve Come
Fire Away
Moon On The Water
Million Dollar Bill
The Way You Laugh
A Little Bit Of Everything

Bonus 7”
Strangers Getting Stranger
Rest Easy

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