Šibensko Powerhouse

Image of John - Šibensko Powerhouse
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Brace Yourself

About this item

JOHN's new single Šibensko Powerhouse announces their brand new album Nocturnal Manoeuvres to be released on the 8th October 2021 in a collaboration between Brace Yourself Records and their own label Pets Care Records. The lyrics of Šibensko Powerhouse recall the hazy landscape of a past memory, albeit reconfigured through the presence of a song. Understanding that any story retold through writing or speech is effectively a fiction. 

Whilst still recording vocals in the booth, JOHN quickly recognised that past tour mate Adam Devonshire (of the band IDLES) would be the perfect tonal accompaniment to Newton's lead, and in a somewhat serendipitous manner, there was already a phone message from Devonshire awaiting them outside of the booth: asking them how the recordings were progressing. The resulting invite certainly pays off, adding to the sense of space that runs through the track-listing of Nocturnal Manoeuvres.


A. Šibensko Powerhouse
B. Šibensko Powerhouse (Live From The Bookhouse) 

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