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Feels So Good (Feels So Right) / How Lo-o-ong

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Surfing In Kansas

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Three releases in and Surfing In Kansas had already shot to the top of our favourite labels, offering expert edits of grooving obscurities for the adventurous DJs and dancers out there. Their flawless record continues with the fourth instalment as Abel and A Good Christian once again wield the scalpel, creating classy cuts of a pair of low slung unclassics.

On the A-side we are finally blessed with a vinyl version of Abel's much lauded and frankly fantastic edit of "Feels So Good" by 80s pin-up and Gremlin loving sensation Phoebe Cates. Taken from her only LP, the semi-soulful but almost entirely shite "Paradise", this track is the proverbial stopped clock, a moment of musical magic as exceptional as its comrades are crap. Abel does his thing expertly here, providing subtle extensions and snips to create the 12" version that never was. If you're looking for a little moonlit boogie with a lot of heart, you'll never top this.

Meanwhile on the flip, AGC tackles Lipps Inc.'s "How Long", a marvelously melancholic bit of Italo inspired disco which some of you may remember from Justus Köhncke's Kompakt classic 'Timecode". Though it boasts a killer bassline, high grade synth riffs and a pretty catchy chorus, some segments of the OG are unfortunate, so I'm forever grateful to Christian for this much needed rearrangement.

This label always sells out in seconds, so get your skates on!


Matt says: Large ups to Abel and A Good Christian who continue to promote edit excellence through their Surfing In Kansas imprint. Impossible to pick a fave here, as Phoebe Cates' B-word killer "Feels So Good" and Lipps Inc's Köhncke's sampled "How Long" get an essential upcycle. Bomba!


A. Feels So Good Feels So Right (Abel Edit)
B. How Lo-O-Ong (A Good Christian Edit)

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