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Höga Nord 100 - The Effect Will Last Forever

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Höga Nord Rekords

About this item

What better way to celebrate 100 releases than with a handmade box containing soul expanding music!? Höga Nord Rekords have reached an important goal and releases a rare box set containing all 12” from the HNRUK-series plus a new record from Birds, unique for this box. Except Birds, this compilation includes Dark Strands, High Boys, Vox Low, Timothy J. Fairplay, Fontän, Bird Of Paradise, Mythologen, Jamie Paton and Frak.

The music is of course the main focus of all releases on Höga Nord Rekords but what birthday gift comes without a proper wrapping? This exclusive handmade box made in Norrmalms kartongfabrik in Stockholm, is a celebration to the Scandinavian Bronze age. You’ll find rock carvings like those on the artwork scattered over the land but mostly near Gothenburg, home of Höga Nord Rekords on the Swedish west coast.

Archaeological evidence proves similarities in ornaments and pictures between the Nordic and European Bronze age, just like you find common features in the music released on our label. Though the acts in this compilation box come from all over Europe and beyond, they stem from an obscured and mysterious common source of escapism, purity and creativity.


Dark Strands - The Last Ride
Dark Strands - We Own The Night
Dark Strands - Black Dog
Dark Strands - Wandering Star
Vox Low - I'll Save You Anyway (Evelyne)
Vox Low - I'm Coming To Your House (feat. Tarik Ziour)
Vox Low - Loving Hell
High Boys - Drunken Master
High Boys - Down With Chaos
High Boys - This Is The Captain Speaking
High Boys - No Hope For A Sexual Revolution
Timothy J. Fairplay - Mindfighter
Timothy J. Fairplay - Nightmare City
Timothy J. Fairplay - Lost In The Mirror Maze
Timothy J. Fairplay - Jennifer Has Some Strange Ideas
Fontän - Sen Sen No Sen (Red Axes Remix)
Fontän - Mangsebung (Timothy J Fairplay Remix)
Fontän - Gangri (Khjinda Remix)
Fontän - Bardo (Mythologen Remix)
Fontän - Shadows (Pardon Moi Remix)
Birds Of Paradise - Tito
Birds Of Paradise - Joy-Rides
Birds Of Paradise - Smoking Holiday
Birds Of Paradise - Breather Resist
Mythologen - The Joy I Feel
Mythologen - Canavan's Peckham Pool Club
Mythologen - Blackheath
Mythologen - House Of Parakeet
Jamie Paton - Enhance 224
Jamie Paton - State Line
Jamie Paton - Disk Memories
Jamie Paton - Leviathan Aftermath
Frak - Corridor
Frak - Stetoskop
Frak - Micro Fisson
Frak - Arcitect
Birds - Solitary Dancers
Birds - Night Time Life
Birds - Dont Drink The Acid Water
Birds - Young Blood

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