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Kirtan: Turiya Sings

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Alice Coltrane is the undeniable godmother of spiritual jazz and an acknowledged influence on everyone from Flying Lotus and Kamasi Washington to Solange and Radiohead.

“Kirtan: Turiya Sings” features Alice Coltrane at peak spirituality and is presented in this arrangement for the first time in any format. “Turyia Sings” was originally released in 1982 on cassette as a collection of devotional songs including vocals, organ, strings, and synthesizers available only at Alice’s “Sai Anantam Ashram”. “Kirtan: Turiya Sings” features a sparser arrangement of organ and chanting, produced by Ravi Coltrane. This is intentional, devotional music created with the purpose of connecting to a higher power. The pared back arrangements on this new release are enchantingly haunting and encourage the listener to reach a meditative headspace so as to channel connectiveness to a greater spirit.

The perfect introduction to Alice Coltrane for listeners interested in music for mediation and personal wellness.

“Turiya” is short for Alice’s full Sanskrit name Turiyasangitananda. “Kirtan” means “narrating, reciting, telling, describing, of an idea of story”.


Barry says: Alice Coltrane is one of the most legendary figures in the history of spiritual jazz for good reason, so while it's always an exciting thing to see a reissue come out on vinyl, this one is even more special. 'Kirtan..' sees Coltrane stripping things right back to a simple organ, accompanied by her unmistakeable, hypnotic voice. It's a beautifully simplistic, wildly effective and entirely essential document of one of the greatest jazz musicians of our time.


1. Jagadishwar
2. Jai Ramachandra
3. Krishna Krishna
4. Rama Katha
5. Yamuna Tira Vihari
6. Charanam
7. Govindi Hara
8. Hara Siva
9. Pranadhana

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