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Jónsi releases his latest score, for the new Amazon Original movie Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse, starring Michael B. Jordan, Jodie Turner- Smith and Jamie Bell, directed by Stefano Sollima. The score is 23 tracks of pure action, adrenaline and anxiety.

“For one whole year Jónsi has devoted himself to finding the soul of Without Remorse,” says Sollima. "The complexity, sophistication and elegance of his composition adds incredible depth to the story”.


1. Aleppo
2. Sniper
3. Hallway
4. Say Her Name 
5. Jail
6. Campfire 
7. Vaseliev
8. Arlington 
9. Welcome Home 
10. Death Follows Me
11. SCIF
12. Barents Sea
13. Zodiac
14. Murmansk
15. Rykov
16. Swim
17. Exfil
18. True Patriot
19. Rooftop
20. Stairs
21. Aftermath
22. Potomac
23. Funeral

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