Nicht Nicht

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Bureau B

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Bureau B continue their awesome A&R work here, delivering the debut longplayer from Hamburg's Love-Songs. Over the course of several EPs and the mini-album 'Inselbegabung', the trio have skirted the neon swamp, fusing kosmische sequences with organic percussion and improvised electronics to create their own brand of auditory hallucinations. Here they extend a hand and pull us into the shimmering water, baptising the listener in their psychedelic sound in a forty minute ritual. Over the course of seven tracks, the German group deliver their most ecstatic tracks to date, mesmeric and mind expanding commune eletronics, tribal bouncers and concentric cuts for all you techno pagans.


Proxy I
Selbstauflöser Teil 2
Das Labyrinth
Nicht Nicht
Tisch Mit Drei Weinen
Proxy II

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