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Acid Jazz

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Acid Jazz Records celebrate an exclusive licensing agreement with Albarika Store, the legendary record label that defined the sound of Benin and influenced the entire region of West Africa and beyond with this first exhaustive trawl of the archive and will see the label presented in a way that ensures its historical importance is recognized.

‘Ipa Boogie’ is a super rare LP from 1978 that almost never surfaces in good shape. Today even average condition copies can command £500 to £1,000 on the collector's market and for good reason. These are the only known recordings by this obscure band and they present the listener with some of the finest afro-boogie and afro funk that the extensive Albarika Store catalogue has to offer.

Transferred from the original tapes and remastered by Grammy award-winning engineer Frank Merritt at The Carvery, the album is presented with beautiful artwork and packaging to match the sonics. This is the music as it should be heard.


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