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Run Into The Wild - Inc. Mytron & Ofofo / E. Live Remixes

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Erik Sumo is one of the most established Hungarian music producers of the last 20 years. His various acts gained national and international, underground and mainstream success, he scored movies - think of the now cult "Liza, The Fox Fairy" soundtrack. His latest album "Mount Fuji" came out in November 2019, it contains "Run Into The Wild", an odd yet catchy leftfield floor-filler with an unmistakable mood built of glamorous disco vibes and sinister imaginings from the woods around Fujisan.

On this EP you can hear the previously unreleased disco dub version of the song and 3 remixes taking the original into completely different directions.
Mytron & Ofofo of Multiculti fame chose to go the tribal way by adding some extra percussion and reconstructing the chorus making the track even more dance floor friendly than it was originally.
Oakland based producer E. Live turned the tune into a contemporary boogie burner, while Budabeats staple M.W.D.'s version has an atmosphere that is impossible to describe but straightforward to enjoy.

Limited to 400 copies worldwide.


Matt says: Pop-flecked disco taken thru a variety of moods via a veritable selection of modern day music maestros. This is really good!


A1. Run Into The Wild (Disco Dub Version)
A2. Run Into The Wild (Mytron & Ofofo Remix)
B1. Run Into The Wild (E.Live Remix)
B2. Run Into The Wild (M.W.D Remix)

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