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Star Creature's first official compilation featuring unreleased tracks and new mixes by label fav's E. Live, Giovanni Damico, Shiro Schwarz, Ourra, Saucy Lady, Proh Mic, Amalia and Kutcorners...

Star Creature is the no. 1 international label for new boogie and modern funk. No other camp has represented the sound so strongly and authentically in present times. Finding a natural habitat across the digital airwaves of many a Manchester radio show, and soundtracking a fair share of its nightlife too (check the whole Wet Play / Full Beam / Red Laser Disco gamut for proof...), it continues the long standing tradition of US dance music going down a storm in the north west of England!

Star Creature have lavishly dished out seven new tracks for our dancing feet, and at remarkably good value too. They could have just as easily reissued five of their now-sold-out 7" across one disc and charged us twenty quid for it. Instead we get a jam packed 12" with ALL NEW material and featuring a different artist on each track, and for less than the price of two cocktails in the Northern Quarter. Star Creature we love you! 


A1. Saucy Lady - A Shooting Star
A2. Proh Mic - Tunnel Vision
A3. Kutkorners - The Finest (feat Amalia - E Live Remix)
A4. Ourra & The Gravity Drive - Instant Sunshine
B1. Shiro Schwarz - Exoplanet Love
B2. Giovanni Damico - Cassette Funk
B3. E Live - Do Me Like That (feat Chesta Blake - Slight Extension Mix)

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