Isobel Campbell

There Is No Other…

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Cooking Vinyl

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Long awaited new solo album from Isobel Campbell. 

It's been 10 years (yes really) since her last album, "Hawk", which was her third collaboration with Mark Lanegan and 14 since her last solo album, but it's been worth the wait. 

Drawing on everything from the twee indie pop of Belle & Sebastian, 60s pop, and the dark Americana of her Lanegan collaborations, this is an absolute gem of a record.


1. City Of Angels
2. Runnin’ Down A Dream
3. Vultures
4. Ant Life
5. Rainbow
6. The Heart Of It All
7. Hey World
8. The National Bird Of India
9. Just For Today
10. See Your Face Again
11. Boulevard
12. Counting Fireflies
13. Below Zero

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