Alice Boman

Dream On

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A deeply textural, atmospheric and immersive sounding record.

Alice Boman’s fragile yet engulfing ethereal vocals create a vortex that listeners are sucked in by. A world where ambient, dream pop and folk merge into a unique new form.

Produced by Fabian Prynn (EX:RE, Ghostpoet, Dan Croll) and Patrik Berger (Robyn, Charlie XCX, Icona Pop and Santigold).


Barry says: While the progressions here may hark back to 60's soul and doo-wop, Boman's vocals are very much down the Hope Sandoval dream-pop line. Slightly melancholic but constantly immersive and warmingly nostalgic throughout.


Wish We Had More Time
Heart On Fire
The More I Cry
Who Knows
Don't Forget About Me
Everybody Hurts
Hold On
It's OK, It's Alright
This Is Where It Ends

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