Bernie Senensky

Lolito's Theme

Image of Bernie Senensky - Lolito's Theme
Record Label
Dynamite Cuts

About this item

Great Canadian jazz re-issue on Dynamite Cuts from Bernie Senensky, recorded in 1975. The title track is a piano-led number with frenetic and skill instrumentation and some heavy upright bass support.

"Beloved Gift" on side B is more cerebral with a long extended, psychedelic intro before dropping into some seriously funky jazz-funk fusion, with that omnipresent upright bass twatting away nicely.

If you like your jazz brimming with highly accomplished instrumentation and flair - this one's for you baby!


Side 1
1. Lolito's Theme (4:01)
Side 2
1. Beloved Gift (4:56)

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