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The Jazz Room Compiled By Paul Murphy

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UK jazz dance hero Paul Murphy teams up with BBE Music to deliver his first compilation on the label: a blazing selection of up-tempo jazz titled ‘The Jazz Room’. Lauded by none other than Gilles Peterson as “the original messenger of jazz who found almost every dancefloor classic”, Paul began DJing in 1970s London. His passion and unique playing style placed him at the epicentre of an emerging jazz-dance scene in the city, popping off in spots like The Horseshoe (aka Jaffas), The Wag, The 100 Club, The Blue Note and The Electric Ballroom, where he founded the now famous ‘Jazz Room’, after which this album is named. Paul’s influence on UK Jazz culture simply can’t be overstated, from his short-lived but much beloved imprint Paladin Records to his unswerving support of home-grown talents such as Working Week, Morrissey Mullen & Paz. As a DJ, his musical selections still live large in the memories of those who experienced them. As Coldcut's Jonathon More put it “Paul Murphy used to play the most frenzied and far out funky jazz at my Meltdown warehouse parties”. ‘The Jazz Room’ nicely encapsulates the reason so many greats feel moved to wax lyrical about Paul Murphy’s ear for dance-floor jazz, which is very clearly undimmed after decades behind the decks. Deftly mixing contemporary sounds with trusted bullets that his 1980s audiences will remember well, these tracks are vibrant and potent, with a couple of fiery live recordings thrown in for extra energy and sweat.


Disc: 1
1. Emnete (Live)
2. Boogie Stop Shuffle
3. Mambo De La Pinta
4. 4Beat Cha ChaCha
5. Yatra-Ta

Disc: 2
1. Koumba Fri Fri
2. African Mailman
3. Zombie
4. Foot In The Door
5. Sorrow, Tears And Blood
6. Smells Like Teen Spirit
7. Tribute ToMulatu

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