Dan Armstrong

A Long Time Coming

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Dan armstrong makes the sort of widescreen ambient music that makes you sit up and listen, eagerly drawing in all the tentative synth swells and panned industrial churns. Opener, 'Alpha Wave' for example, is a growing swell of ambient synth churns joined by drawn-out long-envelope pads and reticent twinkling peaks. Though the echoic churn is a gritty analogue mono drone, the glimmering airy spikes glisten with a warm digital air, ofsetting the doomy drone behind.

It's this sort of build-up and release that lend the key changes and slow seismic shifts further gravitas, with pieces like the stunning 'Epsilon Wave' providing a more rhythmic and dynamically forward juxtaposition, and relying upon a foundation of euphoric beats and repeated themes overlaid on top of each-other rather than the moody but hugely effective drone of earlier.

Dan has crafted a beatiful album here, tastefully and unintrusively flickering between the more serene moments of rhythmic beauty and full-spectrum sonic walls of sound. 


1. Alpha Wave 06:48
2. Beta Wave 09:30
3. Gamma Wave 08:33
4. Delta Wave 07:15
5. Epsilon Wave 09:15
6. Zeta Wave 10:24
7. Eta Wave 11:06

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