Lord Tusk

Tell Me Feat Tyson / Healer

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Outer Time Inner Space

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First 7" format from Australian taste makers Outer Space Inner Time - who've previously touched on digi-dub, deep house and shamanic movements.

It's the London-schooled Apron alumni Lord Tusk enlisted in for the sixth release, who gives Dean Blunt / Hype Williams a run for their money with a tasty double header of NGS (non-genre-specific) electronic music.

Sound alien? It shoud(n't). This strange new form / hybrid style has been around for a while. A bastard child / pre-cursor to the vapourwave movement think James Ferrara, Sun Araw, Macintosh+ and in particularly Dead Blunt and his (and Inga Copeland's) Hype Williams project. Lord Tusk, to me takes the baton from this fellow Londoner and runs with it - imparting a sophisticated level of art and obscurity into everything he does. The anti-star of underground electronic music if you will.

"Tell Me" refracts 80's hair-metal through VHS prisms and bedroom boogie outboard equipment. If you liked the Private Lesson record on Total Stasis or the better side of 100% Silk then get on this pronto!

"Healer" tames the wild effects and loads up the 80s reverb presets, strumming a bright guitar alongside gated tom crashes. Add Lord Tusk's completely idiosyncratic, out-of-tune vocal style and it quickly becomes an odd ball, no-wave hit for the under achievers!

Probably the most unusual, yet still pleasing to the ear, records you'll hear all week! Most recommended. 


A1. Tell Me Feat. Tyson
B1. Healer

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