Camila Fuchs

Heart Pressed Between Stones

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ATP Recordings

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Camila Fuchs follow up their superb 2016 outing 'Singing From Fixed Rung', with 'Heart pressed Between Stones' their debut release for the legendary ATP recordings. Seemingly more focused upon De Laborde's hypnotic echoing vocals from the outset, 'One On One' is almost a ritualistic chant, heard from a clearing deep in the woodland, soaring atop a solid bedrock of shadowy beats and sidechained synth throbs. 

'Heatwave (Coming Towards You)' keeps things reasonably minimal in comparison, brilliant driving but with the flickering delay and filter-swept synth pulses gradually growing into a euphoric fuzzy stasis before vapourising into the ether. 

On the reverse, 'Direct Truth' floats in a dreamlike reverie washing a softly sung melodic structure in a warm bath of flanger and phasers, twisting the contruct into a warped version of itself and turing the chord shifts into hallucinogenic washes of light and torn lacerations of dark, while 'Battlefield' and 'For All Stable Appearances, He Was Wild' perfectly illustrate the artists ability to for a cohesive musical conclusion to the climactic legacy they've forged in the preceeding pieces. Brilliantly closing off a conceptually perfect sextology, each additioin as balanced as they are necessary. 


1. One On One
2. Heatwave (Coming Towards You)
3. My Body
4. Direct Truth
5. Battlefield
6. For All Stable Appearances, He Was Wild

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