What's On Your Mind? (10” Yellow Vinyl)

Image of Wooze - What's On Your Mind? (10” Yellow Vinyl)
Record Label
Young Poet Records

About this item

Brixton, London based Theo Spark and Jamie She formed WOOZE in 2017. The band’s name is a rough phonetic translation of ‘space’ in Korean (우주). Thematically, WOOZE’s lyrics are rooted in the uprooted - memory loss, identity crises and ultimately, a fundamental feeling of detachment and estrangement. Describing themselves as heavy pop, galactic rock and Pansori for the 21st Century (a traditional Korean music genre that consists of a drummer and singer storytelling through music), WOOZE are here to baffle, excite and entertain. 


1. I'll Have What She's Having
2. Zeus' Masseuse
3. Cousin Paul From Paddington
4. Ladies Who Lunch With Me

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