Mourn And Chastity


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Captured Tracks

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2018 marked a big year for both Chastity, who released his debut LP Death Lust to wide acclaim, and Mourn, who emerged victorious from a brief hiatus with their 3rd LP Sorpresa Familia. Following a summer tour together, MOURN and Chastity come together again to release a limited edition split 7”. Featuring live session cuts from each band and an alternate version of MOURN’s “Sun” (off 2018’s Sorpresa Familia ) recorded with Chastity, this limited edition release highlights two of the most exciting young acts coming out of Captured Tracks.


01. Sun - MOURN Feat. Chastity
02. Skeleton (BTR Live Studio) - MOURN
03. You Are My Sunshine (Strombo Sessions) - Chastity

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