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Director's Cut (Remastered Edition)

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During her early career, Kate Bush released albums regularly despite her reputation as a perfectionist in the studio. Her first five were released within seven years. After The Hounds of Love in 1985, however, the breaks between got longer: The Sensual World appeared in 1989 and The Red Shoes in 1993. Then, nothing before Aerial, a double album issued in 2005. It's taken six more years to get The Director's Cut, an album whose material isn't new, though its presentation is. Four of this set's 11 tracks first appeared on The Sensual World, while the other seven come from The Red Shoes. Bush does have her own world-class recording studio, and given the sounds here, she's kept up with technology. Some of these songs are merely tweaked, and pleasantly so, while others are radically altered. The two most glaring examples are "Flower of the Mountain" (previously known as "The Sensual World") and "This Woman's Work." The former intended to use Molly Bloom's soliloquy from James Joyce's novel Ulysses as its lyric


1. Flower Of The Mountain 5:15
2. Song Of Solomon 4:45
3. Lily 4:05
4. Deeper Understanding 6:34
5. The Red Shoes 4:58
6. This Woman's Work 6:30
7. Moments Of Pleasure 6:32
8. Never Be Mine 5:05
9. Top Of The City 4:24
10. And So Is Love 4:21
11. Rubberband Girl 4:37

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