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Aerial (Remastered Edition)

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Fish People

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For those who purchased much of Bush's earlier catalog because of its depth, quality, and vision, Aerial will sound exactly like what it is, a new Kate Bush record: full of her obsessions, lushly romantic paeans to things mundane and cosmic, and her ability to add dimension and transfer emotion though song. The set is spread over two discs. The first, A Sea of Honey, is a collection of songs, arranged for everything from full-on rock band to solo piano. The second, A Sky of Honey, is a conceptual suite. It was produced by Bush with engineering and mixing by longtime collaborator Del Palmer.


Disc 1 : A Sea Of Honey

1. King Of The Mountain 4:53
2. π 6:09
3. Bertie 4:18
4. Mrs. Bartolozzi 5:58
5. How To Be Invisible 5:32
6. Joanni 4:56
7. A Coral Room 6:12

Disc 2 : A Sky Of Honey

1. Prelude 1:26
2. Prologue 5:42
3. An Architect's Dream 4:50
4. The Painter's Link 1:35
5. Sunset 5:58
6. Aerial Tal 1:01
7. Somewhere In Between 5:00
8. Nocturn 8:34
9. Aerial 7:52

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