Flammer Dance Band

Flammer - 2023 Reissue

Image of Flammer Dance Band - Flammer - 2023 Reissue
Record Label
Lyskestrekk Records

About this item

Energized by the funky sounds of 1970's West Africa but existing in a very modern space, Flammer Dance Band introduce their hybrid sound on new label Lyskestrekk Records. Packed with hip-shaking grooves, uplifting vibes, vibrating synths, screaming saxophones and crispy drum breaks all recorded in a warm and stuffy shack in Oslo and bolstered through some intricate but totally sympathetic electronic elements, "Flammer" is a charming and soulful homage to an era with a unique and rich sound: a truly raw and authentic sounding Afro-funk LP which brings new life to the existing cannon through some skilled and inspired musicianship and some brilliant writing. Fela eat your heart out! A precursor to, I imagine, an ambitious tour schedule; I'm already craving to see these perform live. With dreamy artwork to boot this is a lovely piece for Afro fans old and new - highly recommended!


A1. Din Ting
A2. Leverer Litt Sjel
B1. Lonsj Pa Gronland
B2. Lordag Kveld
B3. Slikker Sol

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