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Invisible Joy

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The Polyversal Souls bring us their debut album ‘Invisible Joy’ with a storm of sound and energy. Produced at the Berlin based Ru-Ting Clan Sound Lab by Max Weissenfeldt (Whitefield Bros., Poets of Rhythm), the band invited artists from all around the world to join their musical journey. From the likes of Guy One, Ebo Taylor's son Roy X, Hailu Mergia, Afrika Baby Bam, Ana’abugre and freedom poet Y-Bayani. The result of all these talented and range of contributors create a beautiful piece of global raw soul ambience. 


Millie says: With such a vast elective mix of artists this album is brimming with talent and vibrancy. Uplifting and full of variation, this is definitely worth listening to!


1. Yelle Be Bobre (feat. Guy One)
2. Starlet Road Filling Station Romance
3. Momaminka (feat. Roy X & Lady Red Red)
4. Sad Nile (feat. Hailu Mergia)
5. Love In Outer Space
6. Asembi Ara Amba (feat. Y-Bayani)
7. Race
8. Goin' In (feat. Afrika Baby Bam)
9. Dunia Dela Da'a (feat. Ana'abugre)
10. Invisible Joy 

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