Horsebeach / The Pheremoans

Alone / Removals

Image of Horsebeach / The Pheremoans - Alone / RemovalsImage of Horsebeach / The Pheremoans - Alone / Removals
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O Genesis

About this item

'Alone' by Horsebeach captures their dreamscapey sound which has seen them get two albums in Piccadilly Records end of year review in recent times. The Pheromoans check in with' Removals' and 'My Two Careers' splitting their side of the split 7" into two beauties but be sure to play at 33rpm to avoid potential health risks when dancing


Andy says: The Horsebeach track is like a dream set to music: beautiful. On the flip Pheremoans sound alternately like The Pastels and The Blue Aeroplanes on the two tracks showcased here. Excellent stuff.


A - Horsebeach – Alone
AA The Pheremoans – Removals / My Two Careers

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