The Charlatans

Melting Pot

Image of The Charlatans - Melting Pot
Record Label
Beggars Banquet

About this item

‘Melting Pot’ is a greatest hits album by The Charlatans, featuring tracks from their time at Beggars Banquet Records between 1990 and 1997.

This compilation shows what a great band they were around that time (and still are!) There's not a bad track on here.


The Only One I Know
Opportunity Three
Over Rising
Sprotson Green (US Remix)
Theme From Wish Patrol (Chemical Brothers Remix)
Can’t Get Out Of Bed
I Never Want And Easy Life If Me An He Were Ever To Get There
Jesus Hairdo
Crashin’ In
Just Lookin
Here Comes A Soul Saver
Just When You’re Thinking Things Over
One To Another
North Country Boy

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