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Pink - 2023 Vinyl Repress

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All eight tracks on "Pink" were originally released on a series of 12"s through Kieran Hebden’s Text label in 2011 and 2012. Later made available on a Japanese CD and download, the record is now finally being released on a full vinyl abum. The album opens with "Locked", which mixes shards of synths and gamelan flutes with a dubstep style bassline wobble. Post-dubstep? Future-jazz? Global-bass? We don't care, we just love it. "Lion" is 4/4 but smudged and shoulder-dropped, its swinging hats forcing the hips to wiggle and the radioactive atmospherics giving it that dark, UK edge. "Jupiters" contrasts blissed-out digital arpeggios with hard-as-nails rumbling UKG beats. "Ocras" is a nagging, incessant late night club number - druggy and disorientating, its repetition and driving nature make for a hypnotic ride. As the title hints at "128 Harps" features plucked harp, which adds melody to the bruising bass rumble and hefty syncopated rhythm. Next up is upbeat, straight-ahead funky house cut "Pyramid", followed by Kraut-inspired, beatless synthesizer jam "Peace For Earth". Last but not least is "Pinnacles", Hebden's incredible jazz house cut based on a spiritual and funky sample from the one and only Buster Williams. The track moves effortlessly along an extended house backing track before opening out into spinetingling jazz piano work.


A1 Locked 8:30
A2 Lion 9:04
B1 Jupiters 5:48
B2 Ocoras 5:24
C1 128 Harps 4:52
C2 Pyramid 8:27
D1 Peace For Earth 11:23
D2 Pinnacles 8:21 

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