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"Inspired by think tanks and floatation tanks, psychological research, 2012 mythology, 1960's social planning, stoned apes, elite transhumanism, and the counter-culture, the Esalen Lectures is an imaginary trip to a NorCal psychedelic retreat. Use the sounds to enter into a program of theory and practice, to accompany inward voyages, and for sunset induction rituals. And when the coloured dust settles, and the weird dreams have eased off, maybe your neural re- programming has just started? Drawing from a wide source of tranced-out musical legacies, the Esalen Lectures is pitched somewhere between Ash Ra Tempel and Steve Hillage at their most freeform, and more underground New Age artists like JD Emmanuel and Ariel Kalma. Using sweeping synthesizer patterns and subtle field recordings to create dramatic arcs across the record, spiralling guitar squalls meet blissed-out, motionless womb lullabies and digitally-enhanced nocturnes to tell a weird story of induction, hypnosis and psychic disturbance”


A1. Begin
A2. Praxis I
A3. World Citizen
A4. Submersion
A5. Peri-Natal Imprinting
A6. Praxis II
A7. Primate Change
A8. Suggestogen
A9. Sunset Induction
B1. Minerva Dreamstat
B2. Subproject 58
B3. Belief Formation
B4. Neo-Primitive
B5. DARPA Spectrum
B6. Praxis III
B7. See Sharp

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