Antipodes - Inc. Auntie Flo Remix

Image of Noema - Antipodes - Inc. Auntie Flo Remix
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The Magic Movement

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The third release on The Magic Movement features the label's A&R Noema from Berlin. "Antipodes" starts off with a funky bassline, trippy bells and syncopated claps which set a psychedelic Afro vibe from the very beginning. Mystical noises increase this mood, until a hypnotising Moog hook calls for action. And at the latest when the sub bass finally drops in, the scenery transforms into an ecstatic ritual dance. On the flipside, Auntie Flo drops a dubby remix of the title track, which sees a spheric choral pad unfold over strong Afro percussion, while a rattle snake like shaker excitedly rises and falls. "Late at Night" feels like a nocturnal walk through streets in twilight. The groove, which sounds like odd clockwork, gets occasionally enhanced by more interesting percussion sounds. The melodies, played by a marimba-like instrument and filtered synth, are accompanied by a warm pad and a disco bassline, whilst a female voice moans in the back. It's another winner from the mystical Magic Movement imprint.


Antipodes (Auntie Flo Remix) 
Was Late 

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