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Christmas Joy In Full Measure

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Hand Of Glory

About this item

Hand Of Glory records asked twelve artists for an original Christmas song.

Here are twelve tracks that sum up the many experiences of Christmas, from lush widescreen pop (Webb Brothers), to sparkly Saturnalian disco (Mary Epworth) to dystopian Fall-esque horror (Extradition Order).

Other standout tracks include Young Knives’ dark medieval-esque ‘Low Carol’, Kiran Leonard’s sprawling proggy epic ‘Huygens probe’ and Papernut Cambridge’s charming and magical ‘93 Million And One’.


Mary Epworth - The Wolf And The Woods
Young Knives - Low Carol
Extradition Order - Be A Ghost
The Count Of Chateau Noir - Awake Awake
Papernut Cambridge - 93 Million And One 
Citizen Helene - On Christmas Day
The Webb Brothers - Are You Coming Home For Christmas?
Kiran Leonard - Huygens Probe
Aliens Pat - Santa Fell Down The Chimney
Jon Epworth - Atheist
The Outdoor Types - The Unwritten Christmas Card
Richard Holley - Old Year’s Night

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