William Onyeabor

Good Name

Image of William Onyeabor - Good Name
Record Label
Luaka Bop

About this item

Reissue of THE most hard to get African album ever! This album, in the style of many Afro-funk LPs from the era, features two long tracks; the jerky, almost acidic electro-funk bomb 'Let's Fall In Love' and breakout Piccadilly Records sing-along favourite 'Good Name', an equally quirky bump'n'hustle African electroid funk number. A huge recommendation and simply a must have for anyone into African music and beyond.

This album got reissued as a numbered edition of 300 copies in October and didn't even make it into most record shop's racks or websites (ours included). After much demand Luka Bop decided to do a second press, this time without the Luaka Bop plastic bag, or being numbered. Originals sell for over $1000, and the numbered reissue ones are going for $100 already on Discogs, so absolutely do not sleep on this!


A1 Let's Fall In Love
B1. Good Name

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