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Within And Without

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Mr Chillwave himself justifies the hype generated by his early EPs with nine effortlessly blissful slices of warped songcraft. Washed Out is the operational alias for Atlanta, GA's Ernest Greene, and Weird World release the first Washed Out full-length, 'Within And Without'. Greene recorded 'Within And Without' with Ben Allen, who, among a great many other things, co-produced Animal Collective's 'Merriweather Post Pavillion', Gnarls Barkley's 'St Elsewhere' and Deerhunter's 'Halcyon Digest'.

In 2009 Washed Out released two critically-acclaimed EPs; 'Life Of Leisure' (Mexican Summer) and 'High Times' (Mirror Universe Tapes). Washed Out submerges a sense of intense feeling within its '80s-fantasy electronic ether. The yearning-in-utero effect is strongest on woozy centrepiece 'Feel It All Around'. With blurry singing, cheap-sounding synths, and a humid, syrupy flow, the track suggests an '80s synth pop hit that won't come straight out and cop to itself - or a young man in love, too tongue-tied (or too stoned?) to admit it.


Andy says: There was so much hype around Ernest Greene’s 2010 Mexican Summer debut “Life Of Leisure” that the backlash was quite predictable. However, when it arrived along with his first full length album, the sublime “Within And Without”, it's totally ridiculous. Greene has crafted a lush swoon of a record. Deep, warm and tranquil, this sound envelops you. Shoegazer melodies all foggy and mellow, over slow disco beats: the album flows beautifully. All nine songs matter, but there are some glorious peaks: "Amor Fati" recalls the Cocteau Twins at their giddiest, whilst the hip-hop influenced "Before" is a unanimous shop favourite. Just like Shoegaze the first time around (but swapping your indie bedroom for a Balearic beech) this blissful music seems to yearn for a mystical, trouble free place or time, and its melancholy seems to be in knowing that it just can't be reached. No harm in dreaming though. Float on…


1. Eyes Be Closed
2. Echoes
3. Amor Fati
4. Soft
5. Far Away
6. Before
7. You And I
8. Within And Without
9. A Dedication

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